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About Us

Our ICEBOX NETWORK SL "coollpet" was born out of a passion for classic wooden toys.

Designing with Purpose

~I am a self-taught sculptor
~I believe anything is possible if you want it enough and try hard enough.
​~I started sculpting because I wanted my own personalized glasses frame.
​~I love every glasses frame I have completed.
~I adore personalized glasses frames, they are my inspiration and I love recreating them in wood.
~I started sculpting when I was 15 years old. ​ ~I love my pets ~​ ​ ​~I love smiling :) ​ ~I love to laugh! ​ ~I am unbelievably thankful for everything I have in my life and wouldn't take back a second if I had the option, my life is perfect with all the imperfections.​
​​~I love everyone who takes the time to support and enjoy my creations, I can't thank you all enough!
​​~We love animals! We love hand-made animal-shaped glasses frames. They are part of our family members. This is the main original intention of our creation!
​​~These are the gifts that mean the most to you, and the ones we love to create!

Customer Feedback

"I’m a Dog Lover... so when I saw this eyeglass holder I HAD to get it! It’s beautifully made, & looks great on my nightstand. Very happy with my purchase!!" - Woven King

"So cute! So functional! I love it so much! The materials are nice and light while still sturdy." - Louise Naples

Our customers come from all over the world

—we love making new friends—